Below is a selection of  presentations we have given on our project results so far.

Please click on the linked titles to view the presentation:

Oral presentations from NWAV44, Toronto, Oct 2015:

Parenting style: from preschool to preadolescence in the acquisition of variation | NWAV 44, Toronto, 2015

DRESSing down up north: a sociophonetic investigation of DRESS-lowering and /l/-quality in rural Scotland | NWAV 44, Toronto, 2015

Invited paper from  “The study of sociolinguistic meaning in the era of ‘big data'” workshop held at university of Sheffield, 2015

A Group of individuals: tracking styleshifting from standard to local forms | Workshop on Social Meaning in the era of ‘big data’, Sheffield, 2015

Research seminar given at English Language Research Seminar series, University of Glasgow:

Parenting Style: from preschool to preadolescence in a bidialectal community | English Language Research Seminar Series, University of Glasgow