R is often described as the ‘gold standard’ for statistical analysis. It can be slightly daunting to get used to as it uses a programming-like command line interface. However, once the basics of this have been mastered its versatility in terms of plotting and its accuracy of modelling make it a very useful programme.

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Good books and guides

For getting used to the R-environment:
Field, A. Miles, J. & Field, Z. (2012) Discovering Statistics Using R London: Sage

Using R to analyse linguistic data:
Baayen, H. (2010) Analysing Linguistic Data Cambridge: CUP
(for a link to the PDF, click HERE)

Johnson, D. (2011): SSS3 R Workshop
Dr Daniel Johnson ran a workshop on R during the 3rd Sociolinguistics Summer School at Glasgow.
(for a link to the workshop information, click HERE) 

There’s also lots of great blogs and forums, such as Joseph Fruhwald’s R study group, which is linked HERE