ELAN is probably the most versatile and compatible programme available. It is quicker and better set-up for transcription than Praat while things like its ‘over-lapping speech’ facility is one of many functions that make it more fine-grained than Transcriber. One drawback is that (in my opinion) transcribing takes longer using ELAN than Transcriber. One of the major strengths of ELAN is that it is compatible with a variety of formats. This means that you can transcribe in Transcriber, import to ELAN, creating a tier for each of the speakers and then export this file as a .txt file meaning it can be automatically segmented by programmes such as the Penn Forced Alignment and Vowel Extraction suite (see the resource section on ‘automatic-segmenting for more details). This means that you can have your transcripts in a variety of formats while only having to actually transcribe them once.

choice you make will depend on the questions you want to ask and the analysis There are many different options

For a link to download ELAN and user manuals click HERE

Dr Will Barras provided a day long ELAN workshop on 1st June (2011) at the University of Glasgow.

Download here for the ELAN workshop guide: ELAN_workshop