Good books/articles for fieldwork including interview techniques:

There are lots of excellent guides to carrying out Sociolinguistic fieldwork and analysing linguistic data, below is a short selection.

Johnstone, B. (2007) Qualitative Methods in Sociolinguistics, USA: OUP

Labov, W. (1984) Field methods of the project on linguistic change and variation In J. Baugh & J. Sherzer (eds.) Language in Use Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall

Milroy, L. (1987) Observing and Analysing Natural Language, Oxford: Blackwell

Schilling, N (2013) Sociolinguistic Fieldwork, Cambridge: CUP

Tagliamonte, S. (2006) Analysing Sociolinguistic Variation, Cambridge: CUP



Suggestions? If you have good methods books please email me the suggestion and I’ll add them to the list.