Ellie Sutherland
Ellie was born in Buckie and lived there for six years, so she is what we call a ‘passive’ Buckie speaker. She has just finished her undergraduate degree at Lancaster University in Psychology and is now living in Glasgow.

Beth Ralston
Beth is in her final year of her English Language degree at the University of Glasgow. Although born in Scotland, she grew up in Belgium but came back to Glasgow for uni. As well as her degree, Beth works on the One Speaker Two Dialects project and also on the Mapping Metaphor project.

Jac Mantle
Jac studied at Glasgow School of Art and is the Art Editor of The Skinny magazine. Originally from West Yorkshire, she says she’s really enjoying listening to another strong regional dialect.

Sadie Ryan
Sadie completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Following this Sadie worked as a project assistant for Dr Jennifer Smith. As well as working on the project, Sadie  is now studying for her MPhil in Sociolinguistics looking at how migrants to Glasgow acquire the dialect.