Thanks to a number of schemes run by the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow, we have been able to host two paid research assistantships for a month this summer.

The posts were offered to students in their final year who were looking to gain some experience of actual research before they went on to postgraduate study, or (gulp), the real world.

Applicants were required to submit a CV and a covering letter detailing what they hoped to gain and why they would be suitable. Following the recruitment process we have two excellent new additions to the One Speaker Two Dialects team: Megan Crampsey and Gina DeCorla.

True to form we had them hit the ground running and by the end of the first week they were proficient in:

– transcription

– phonetic variable analysis (ing/in’ and t-glottaling)

– morphosyntactic variable analysis (quotatives)

We then moved on to preparing these analyses for the next stage and by the end of the second week they had got to grips with the basics of multivariate analysis and were cross-tabulating the data!

The last two weeks we have been honing these skills as well as working on a set of educational resources for teaching Scots in Schools (watch this space for more on these).

Take a look at their blogs below to find out more and check back for more updates on their progress!